5 simple things to do after school to wind down

Going to school means so many different things to so many different people. Some go there to actually study, some for the juiciness of the drama and then there are the ones that go for the attendance [ barely surviving tho]. I used to enjoy school only because of my friends. It was one place where we could just talk our hearts out and make fond memories for life. Everyone has both good and bad things to say about their own school experiences. They are lying if they only tell you about the good and fluffy side of school [ isn’t it obvious? ]

Whatever it may be, we all get burned out because of school, even if we enjoy going or we are good at balancing the heck out of our lives. We are just humans and it is okay to slow down and pat ourselves on the shoulder for self-awareness because you should be proud of yourself for putting in the effort.

You don’t need to go for a full spa day every single week to prevent yourself from losing your mind. Sometimes simple little things that we can do every day do the most magical things unexpectedly. It still fascinates me how we underestimate the power of a small scale.

  1. Prayer: Taking a few minutes off your day to sit with yourself and your creator is so peaceful and calming. Prayer is a broad term. You can talk, show gratitude, and even ask for your desired things. Now there are many people that call this manifestation, I am not really educated on that term, so can’t really say about that. But always believe in the divine power of your creator. Your creator knows what you don’t at the moment, so don’t let the things you find difficult to cope with take complete control of your life. do your daily prayers and go with the flow. There is so much peace in this practice. It is about leaving the things you do not control to the supreme power. This allows us to focus on things that we can control. This one is for good mental health. Because when we can fight off our demons in the head, the real enchantment happens.
  2. Reading: In today’s world, reading has become an aesthetic. But it is really good if we tend to swap our screen time with reading time. It does not matter if you read a Colleen Hoover book or a jane austen book. the goal is to indulge in some activity that allows us to forget the outside world. Reading can help you do so because it is not boring [ if you find the genre you really enjoy] and also creates a little bit of escapism.
  3. Relaxing movement: After school is the time when all of us feel tired right after coming back. To help your contracted muscles, you should definitely try some of the exercise options which allow you to stretch and relax at the same time. It is killing two stones with one stone. I would recommend full-body stretch or yoga. These will not be a burden if you start small and slow. Just 20 mins will do wonders too, if done consistently. We spend so much time on Tiktok or Instagram reels and we don’t even realise it. It is very common and I’m guilty of it too. But making time for yourselves is also very important because you spend the most time with yourself.
  4. After school nap: Now one is mandatory. It was supposed to be here. After-school naps are the comfiest thing ever. It is one thing that the majority of the students look forward to. I suggest taking a 15-minute nap [ do set the alarm tho].
  5. Night rituals: Have some solid things in your routine that help relieve any stress. Because every person is different and we all have inconsistent coping mechanisms. Ending the day with something that calms your soul is a real accomplishment even if you have had the worst day. These things can be doing your skincare routine, deep breathing, meditation, journaling, real talking with intimate people, etc.

conclusion: After school relaxing doesn’t have to be complicated with expensive candles or bubble baths. It is better to keep it simple for easier consistency. And do the things that actually help you, not the ones everyone is telling you. For some, reading may be relaxing and the other person will find reading extremely boring and not worth the time. So it is very subjective. Just make sure you are ending the day feeling good, relaxed, and with positivity that you spent your day with the best effort that you could.