How to be the best student in High School

Being your best self in studies in high school is not the number 1 priority of most teenagers. Why? Because they have a fear of missing out.

I will say that these are some golden years in your life and you should focus on making memories and living your best life. But what else should you be focusing on? Yes, my loves, studying.

Amid all the memory-making and having fun, we shall balance it all out by also studying.

Studying in high school will help you to get into your dream college. Even if your dream college doesn’t have a crazy low acceptance rate, you still should be studying hard.

Now, studying hard doesn’t necessarily mean studying for 10 hours daily.

I will get you the best of tips and study techniques which will help you unlock your true potential and be the best student in your High school ( without missing out on cool high school stuff)

  1. Small sessions each day:

I am going to start with the most cliche one here, “Consistency is key”. Now I know you have heard is phrase over a million times. But this is repeated again and again because it is true.

How can you keep up with your studies while indulging in your fun moments too? This is only possible when you take some time for studies. The time shouldn’t be intimidating. The timing is super subjective. You do you in that category.

Block out a section of your day for two little study sessions and stick to it. For example: studying from 3:00 to 4:30 a.m. with a break of 10 minutes in between. You will be shocked when you see how much you can do with that short time when you are consistent.

2. Romanticize studying:

We already all live in a world where every is romanticized anyway. Whether the thing has a positive influence or is destructive. Why not turn the wheels and use this strategy to study?

You get more excited when the setup is aesthetically more pleasing and cute. For this, I suggest you grab a cup of coffee or any drink, your pens and notebooks, open your window, let fresh air come in, tie up your hair, and get started with the studying session.

Remember loves, getting started is the hardest and I know this too sounds cliche but trust me I’ve been there and it is the hardest part. Tricking your brain by romanticizing your studying hours will help you get started.

3. Today’s work has nothing to do with tomorrow:

You should be completing the work you’ve got the day it was assigned. Not only will this help you to be on track with school homework but you’ll also not accumulate tons of work to do the day before the deadline.

To do all your assigned work on time, do the 5-minute brain trick. Tell yourself that the task will only take 5 minutes. This will help you get started on the work. Take a casual break where you don’t use your phone if the work is too much. This will help with your focus and you’ll work more efficiently.

4. Use active recall:

Active recall is a very well-known study technique that is backed by science. It is like quizzing yourself. This method forces you to take the information of out your brain and onto the piece of paper without revisioning on the material. You can incorporate active recall in your study routine by:

  1. making flashcards.
  2. reading a paragraph, closing the book, and explaining what you have read to yourself in your own words.
  3. pretend you’re teaching the topics to someone.
  4. make mind maps.
  5. Practice taking exams. Try to do the practice questions within the time of the exam to see where you need improvements and how are your time-managing skills before entering the real examination hall.

5. Giving Yourself Time:

You should give yourself proper time to learn and understand the topics. Sometimes some concepts are TOO hard not to get at first glance. You shouldn’t feel dumb when that happens. It is normal. Just because the teacher makes it seem so easy doesn’t mean it is easy.

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for trying to do better than before. Make proper timetables and routines in your life that align with your goals. Don’t study the night before the exam. Come on, your education does not deserve that. Your education is worth more than that.

Make sure you build your confidence. Always go into the test or exam knowing that you tried your best and gave your full potential. Because putting in effort is the only thing that is in our control.