How To Do Good at School when you Hate it

Are you worried about your grades? Do you have a feeling that you won’t even survive two months in your school?

You shouldn’t worry about these things now, because I have got your back. I am going to help you step by step on not only how to do good at school but also how to thrive fully.

Why do you feel stressed about school?

It is very normal to feel overwhelmed when you are starting a new school year. It is because you are thinking about the whole year in a single glance. But the trick is to tangle the steps first. When you get hold of the steps, the ladder will feel much easier to pass.

Another thing that you should not ignore is, who engraved this thought in you that you won’t survive school. Oftentimes it is the people around us. They may not say it directly or to demotivate you.

For example: Your cousin told you that the one subject in your class is very hard to pass and those who study 5+ hours a day can score well.

As you can see, the cousin didn’t say this with bad intentions. He probably didn’t even think twice before saying this. But words have a big impact on us. If someone has said something close to this, this is where that belief came from. It is always the people we hang out the majority of the time with who say the things that affect us deeply.

You have to hear it with one ear and ignore it with the other. If we start to take everything that people tell us seriously, we will lose touch with reality.


Being confident is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Now that you are stuck in a place you hate, it is time to stop focusing on hating school and doing simple things that will build confidence.

Building confidence takes time. It is the easiest when you start with small things that you say you will complete and then complete them.

Trusting yourself and your words should be your priority. Don’t say you are going to complete this and that and then at the end of the day, not even one task is complete.

Being confident means honesty toward yourself. Trusting yourself. Choosing to believe in yourself when nobody does because you trust yourself that deeply.

How to be confident in school?

  1. Set a To-Do list.
  2. Complete the tasks.

( This will build your broken self trust)

  1. Do a reading of your notes before class: This will help you understand the lecture better because you already have some information about the topic and the teacher is only adding more information
  2. Take your tests at home before school exams: When you take your own tests at home, you will get a chance to rectify those mistakes before school exams.

( You will feel that you already know so much before lectures and school exams, which will result in increased self-confidence over time)


Yes, I know!

But if it is something that you don’t like, you hate the environment and everything related to it, don’t make school your number 1st priority,

Your 1st priority should be your mental health, happiness, and your sleep. If you are losing sleep because of your school, you should just take a chill pill and leave the school on its own for a moment.

Remember that you are in your school for your studies. If you are not okay with participating in other activities, you shouldn’t force it either.

for example: playing an instrument as a hobby

We all have a fear of missing out. Just remember that making memories in life is not only limited to school. School years are not even the best years of your life. Period.

Studying techniques:

Studying is extra stressful when you are trying to do it the night before your test or exam. You shouldn’t be that student. Especially in this day and age when everything is so normalized, thanks to social media.

There are so many memes that talk about only studying the night before a test or doing the assignment one day before the deadline.

You will think nothing changed in your life after seeing that meme. But that meme just made you aware of a group of people like this. You get external validation from seeing that meme because you no longer feel that you were the only one studying before the exam.

This for me is a glorification of destruction and normalization of bad habits.

You are capable of so much. You are only wasting your potential. Being in touch with your studies doesn’t mean you have to study for a whole day. In fact, You should engage in daily social activities or at least carry out your hobbies.

You can only study for the whole day for a week, two weeks, two months, or even a couple of months, but eventually, you will get burned out. Which is the number 1st thing we are avoiding this school year.

Instead of being in a constant cycle of getting burned out, getting out of a slump, and then coming back on track, you should just be consistent for once in your life.

I promise just try to be consistent for once, you will see results. Once you see results, you will try to get better. Then when you get better, you will try to be better. This will then become an addiction. Now this is exactly what we want to do this school year.

Romanticising School

We have witnessed the romanticizing of pretty much everything on TikTok at this point. How about we don’t romanticize being depressed and not term it as “girl rot” or whatever it is.

Here, we program the world (even if it is a digital world) to help us unlock our best potential. How about making your study idol “Rory Gilmore” or “Hermione Granger”.

I suggest you go for back-to-school shopping and choose cute stuff. When you have aesthetic things, you will want to use them, hence you will study. It is like drinking more water when you get a cute water bottle.