Is it good for women in their 20s to live on their own?

Now, the question is should women in their 20s still live with their parents? Or decides to live on her own.

It is on its own a very dense topic because we as women have to consider a lot of things before making the right decision. But before making the decision, do consider these things first.

Why should we even consider living on our own?

Being in your 20s is said to be the “adulting era”. And what boots this experience to a whole new level? Yes! Living on your own.

When we live alone, we start to take on more responsibilities. We start to think about life and the economy. How hard it is to work to survive. How our parents made it look so easy when they provided us with basic human requirements. But now that you live alone, you get to experience the work they put in to give you what you wanted.

You’ll be more thankful to your parents. You’ll stop wasting money on brunches and going out every weekend. You’ll fall out of habits because you are NOW not accountable to your parents. But soon you’ll come back to reality and this time with more strength. Because now you did that for yourself, not for the sake of your parents.

Is it safe to live alone?

Being worried about your safety as a young woman navigating your place in the world is pretty valid. You should be questioning yourself.

You should look for a very lively neighborhood. Please don’t go for something too quiet thinking you’ll be at peace in here. Do go for a new site either, where there aren’t as many people living, thinking the rent will be lower.

It is these quiet and empty places where I feel the most scared. Anyone can take advantage of the fact that there aren’t that many people around.

In a country like India, there is a lot of concern for the safety of women. There are countless cases of sexual assault and rape which makes the thought of living alone more concerning.

If you are living in a place like that, you should follow these things

  • Constantly update your family members or close friends on your location.
  • Carry a pepper spray, taser, or device that makes a lot of noise.
  • Trust your gut. If you feel someone is following you, you should act upon it soon, rather than waiting to see if your instincts were wrong or right.
  • Don’t slow down to see if their pace will match yours. Try to get out of sight as soon as you can.
  • Don’t let your fear be the reason for some devastating thing. At least pretend to be ready to combat the situation.

Financial freedom

Many times a lot of young adults are dependent on their parents for their money, especially in India. it can be due to a lack of part-time job opportunities or because our society doesn’t want us to earn money without a respectable degree.

Now that you are financially free, you have your own business or job, and you earn some amount but still live with your parent, what should you do?

Sometimes, living with your parents is the better decision.

Because when you are a fresher, your salary can turn into dust by all the expenses and rent. A fresher’s salary is a lot less than somebody who has worked in that field for some time. I suggest you still live with your parents at that time, you invest in courses to level up your skills. And after 2 years of doing the job in that company, you resign. You find a job in another company with more upgraded CVs and more upgraded salary packages.

The biggest mistake that you can make is staying loyal to one company that does not offer good salary progression. If your company provides salary progression, no need to leave that place for another one.

Now that you have a decent salary, you have saved up for two years, it is time to live on your own.

How living alone Changes your life

Living with our parents is a blessing on its own but sometimes we don’t get to do things in our way. In today’s society, we are pressured to hustle. We don’t want to miss out on opportunities. There is a fear of missing out.

Having your own home can help a lot with feeling more feminine and intuitive.

You can be in your masculine energy when you are out doing your work and keeping it professional. But once you are home, you should be in your feminine energy. You should be in an environment where you can nurture yourself.

Now that you live on your own, there is no embarrassment of dancing around in the living room. You can sing your fav song at the top of your lungs { try not to annoy your neighbors too much tho}. You can take your time and call your loved ones. You eat intuitively because now, YOU ARE THE CHEF. Your parents no longer cook for you. You can eat when you’re hungry, not when it is lunchtime or dinnertime.

You will feel so good when you wash your bed sheets and clear your kitchen counter. The accomplishment that you’ll feel in that moment is the best feeling ever.


Every woman should experience living by herself. It teaches us a million things that we don’t get to learn in our schools or colleges. Even if settling down for you means marriage, you should still live alone for a year or two to learn dozens of new things which will help you out later in the marriage.