Is Salah the solid solution to all our problems?

 Is your life bundled with problems? And you have heard a hundred times that Salah heals them all?  We have all heard it so many times. Salah makes you calm. Sallah solves all the problems. But the question is, is Salah the solid solution to all our problems?

But…Why Salah?

Muslims are obligated to pray 5 times a day. We just don’t pray because we are anxious and need someone to talk to. Then after the solution is found, most of us tend to forget Allah. Allah doesn’t need us, we need him. We were created to worship him and him alone. Praying is something that brings us closer to Allah every day, five times a day. Just to be connected to Allah.

 Salah is a connection between humans and Allah. It gives our lives structure. If our priorities are set right, we will plan our day around the Salah. But what is it in Salah that some people find calming and some like a chore?

What is it in salah?

Salah is the solid solution to all our problems because Allah has created it so that its performer will be protected from doing evil from within. The root cause of most of our problems is deep within. The problem can also sometimes be you, your way of living, and the people around you.

Think of salah like it is medicine. If your problem is set deep within, you may need to take this medicine for an extended period to see results because the problem has been there for a long time too. And if your problem is not too heavy, then you may have to take this medicine for a short time.

 The effect of the medicine will be seen when you take it without anything that is neutralizing its effect. This is a crucial one. You will see results when you consistently pray with serious commitments. You have to stop being around your friends who smoke, you have to take a step back from your adult sites and you have to try to change your mindset. 

There are so many spiritual diseases we all have. Some of us aren’t even aware of it. The cure for these diseases is salah. When you pray consistently for a long time without anything diluting its effects, you will feel that your spiritual diseases have been cured. This is the beauty of salah. We do need salah. Salah should not be seen as a chore.

How to perform Sallah efficiently to attain its maximum benefits

Sallah is not an act of standing up, sitting, and doing it all over again. If your prayer is more mindful, the greater will be the effects of the prayer. Think about it, Allah didn’t just want us to sit and stand up several times a day without a purpose. Sallah is the remembrance of god. We get to talk to Allah so many times and we just neglect it. There are millions of people in the grave just asking Allah to let them pray 2 rakats of namaaz, prostate and make so much dua to him and him only. If we are given the time, then why not make good use of it?